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OilTech Group Limited are designers and suppliers of mechanical handling equipment for the Oilfield, and have been for 37 years.  Offshore and Land.




Improving Safety is our Passion and this often means mechanising the most dangerous tasks on a drilling rig.


Stunning figures from the OHSA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) show 63 Oilfield workers lost their life in falls from 2005-2014; 56 of which were falls from the Derrick board (or Monkey Board).


OilTech have developed a range of products to eliminate this by mechanising (and automating) the most dangerous tasks, opening moving elevators, grabbing drillpipes, walking onto racking boards, and so on. Our new products are being patented, and prototype built and will be available at the end of 2017.  Our new products are simple and low cost. 


So, let’s stop killing people.




OilTech have developed a simple, hands-free system, which requires minor modifications to existing land rigs and eliminates these dangerous tasks.  In addition, we have developed with our partner (INERTIA) a self-elevating substructure and a range of 2 piece masts (again self-elevating) for new builds.  These designs can be licensed to reduce costs even further.  




INERTIA is a French engineering and inspection Services Company, also operating a UAE based subsidiary and supporting the needs of O&G Drilling Companies. Inertia provides engineering expertise in the design of new drilling structures as well as the reverse engineering of existing drilling structures, all according to the requirements of API Spec 4F, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Ed. Engineering services are supported by structural and mechanical engineers justifying international experience and using latest industry recognised software. Engineering services also include multiple site condition and dimensional surveys.


Inertia specialises also in supporting the inspections of drilling structures through the use of a cloud based inspection solution SRF integrated solutions©TM. The solution offers a whole new level of reliability of inspections, guaranteeing 100% control by an engineering authority and allows users to manage inspection reports, certificates and tracking of observations in a cost effective way.


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