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OilTech Group Limited was registered in England, United Kingdom on 17th March 1987, with registration number 2111254.  OilTech Group has been working non-stop throughout that period providing Innovative Mechanical Handling Solutions for the Oilfield Industry.  During that period, ownership has changed and the management has changed, but we are essentially doing the same things and with the same people.


Early years:


In the early years Offshore Drilling dominated OilTech's work which required a great deal of original thought (innovation) to cope with bigger BOPs, Longer Riser Strings, Increased Vessel Dynamics, and so on.  MODU's got bigger and bigger. Our emphasis throughout these early years was to make systems robust and to mechanise tasks which were traditionally done manually (and therefore dangerous).  This became our goal and has been ever since.


Later years:


Over the last decades OilTech saw a decline in Offshore activity and focused on the Land Drilling market. This market is very competitive with efficiency of operations absolute paramount.  We feel strongly about improving safety and the simplest way of doing this is to eradicate the dangerous tasks.  Safety improvements, together with maintaining efficiency can only be achieved by combining mechanisation and automation. One such product is the D-MAN Racking System which eliminates the most dangerous duties on a rig, that of collecting the stand from the travelling assembly. When this is done manually it involves the Derrickman climbing up the mast, working on a narrow board, walking out to reach the tubular, grabbing the tubular, releasing the elevator and dragging the tubular back and pushing it into a rack. This task has resulted in 63 fatalities in USA alone in the last few years. The D-MAN mechanises or automates this task. Simple, lightweight, efficient and safe. Take a look at our recent video going through an AR test (automation repeatability). D-MAN rackers come in 5 sizes for workover, and for drilling.

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Market Support:  


In order to compete with our competition, we have formed a number of alliance partners.

These partners effectively supply a local contact and a local support service in all operational regions.


This enables OilTech to continue to provide Innovative Solutions, with the flexibility the client requires, and the support service of a major OEM.