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In 2010 OilTech designed a Mobile Pipehandling Unit (MPU) for work on a man-made Island in Persian Gulf. The MPU was attached to the Drilling Rig and would follow the Drilling Rig to a number of wellheads which were arranged linearly in 2 parallel strips about 1,5 km long. The prime purpose of the MPU was to provide the Drillfloor with Drillstring components from ground storage to vertical at well centre. The MPU was elevated in order to straddle the wellheads and sat on 4 wheels capable of steering the entire unit 180 degrees from one linear route to the other. Innovation.

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In 2015 OilTech supplied 4 additional MPU's now fully automated with ZMS (zonal management systems) to avoid accidental collisions at well centre.  OilTech acquired 65% of an automation company in order to service this project.


In 2017 OilTech patented, designed and built and patented (GB1718482.1) the D-MAN Racking System.  

The D-MAN Racking System is a mechanised/automated handling system which eradicates the dangerous tasks of the Derrickman on the monkey board.  Furthermore, because of its simplicity the D-MAN is perfect for retrofit applications.  



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