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Oiltech provide products and services to LAND DRILLING and OFFSHORE DRILLING.

  • Conceptual Design

  • Masts and Substructures

  • Tubular Delivery Systems (Catwalk machines)

  • Pipe Transfer Conveyors

  • Mobile Pipehandling units

  • Spidergrab MPU's

  • Pipebins

  • Horizontal to Vertical Lift

  • Rig Walker Systems

  • Roughnecks and Spinners

  • Bucking Machines

  • Tubular Stabiliser Arms

  • Drillfloor Tailing Arms

  • Integrated Tailing Arms

  • Rear Tailing Arms

  • Mechanised mudbuckets

  • Doping systems

  • Hydraulic Catheads

  • Winches

  • Access Baskets

  • Racking module (see download of brochure)

  • Column Racker

  • Underslung Racker (see download of brochure)

  • Racking boards

  • Standbuild systems

  • Powered Mousehole

  • Tandem Mousehole

  • Rotating Mousehole

  • Power Slips

  • Crane loaders

  • Tubular grips

  • Manipulator arms

  • BOP Lift systems

  • Hydraulic Power Units (see standard products)






  • Conceptual design

  • Cellar deck layout

  • Derricks

  • Drillfloor tools

  • Riser Catwalk

  • Universal Catwalk

  • Riser Gantry Cranes

  • Riser Handling KB Cranes

  • Pipe Gantry Cranes

  • Pipe KB Cranes

  • Horizontal conveyor systems

  • Piperacking systems

  • Racking boards

  • BOP Cranes

  • LMRP Cranes

  • BOP/LMRP/Xmas tree trolleys

  • Xmas tree Cranes

  • Xmas tree Skids

  • Retractable test stumps

  • Underhull Guidance systems

  • Bulkhead Guidance systems

  • Hydraulic power Units




Since 2012 Oiltech have designed product exclusively for a US Drilling major and is now licensed to exploit these products. The first design was the Monotower Piperacking system (which was named the iRacker).  This was followed by the development of a singles handling unit called RP800.  The RP referred to the Rack and Pinion lift of the travelling assembly and indeed the carriage of the HTV arm.  This type of lift was selected because it gives a more positive and more precise concept, and this is very useful when automation is required.  Oiltech were requested to build a prototype unit.


Oiltech also provided designs and built products for other overseas companies on behalf of the same US Drilling major. These included 4 automated PTC systems (Pipe Transfer Conveyors) for use in the United Arab Emirates, 2 underslung Piperacking systems for Mexico, and Riser Handling system for the Hebron platform in Canadian waters.

iRacker - 2012


In 2012 Oiltech developed the concept of the iRacker for use on the PaceX drilling rigs.  The iRacker is a monotower racking unit mounted on drillfloor and stabilised at the monkey board level. The iRacker is able to collect a single from the Catwalk machine and assist in the standbuilding process.

RP800 Tubular Handling - 2013


In 2013 Oiltech developed the concept of the HTV handling system which collected the tubular from the catwalk machine in horizontal mode and presented the tubular to well centre in vertical mode. This was for use on RP800 rack and pinion rigs.  Oiltech built all the tubular handling components in our Houston facility. See photographs to the right showing the grippers and the gripping yoke.

Pipe Transfer conveyor system - 2014


In 2014 Oiltech designed and supplied 4 PTC’s (pipe transfer conveyor systems) to NDC (ABU Dhabi).  The purpose of the PTC’s was the delivery of tubulars from the ground up to Drillfloor. The system was for use on a MPU (Mobile Pipe Handling Unit) on a man-made island in the Persian Gulf. The system was fully automated with ZMS (zone management system) ensuring personnel safety on the Drillfloor and to prevent clashing of equipment on the drillfloor.


Oiltech’s scope included concept design, detail design, calculations, fabrication, build, test, design of computer control, supply of PTC’s with integrated tailing arms, station control and remote control and Hydraulic Power Units.  The units were built and tested in Oiltech’s UK facility (as shown in photos).

Riser Gantry Crane - 2015


In 2015 Oiltech designed and supplied a Riser Gantry Crane for use on the Hebron platform in Canadian waters.  The Crane was a bespoke design and designed and built to DNV and CSA requirements.  The Crane was intelligent with zone management capability, and designed, calculated, built and tested in our Brighouse facility (as shown in photograph below). The Crane was design to lift and rack Risers vertically at well centre.  The computerised control was to communicate with the BOP handling Cranes, which were also built by Oiltech.

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Oiltech are able to provide concepts and systems to your requirements.

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