Almost 40 years designing and supplying Rig Mechanisation Packages...hands-free from ground to well.

Oiltech Group is a British company. Oiltech have standardised their range of Catwalk machines and Racking systems and are able to offer ‘hands free’ Rig enhancement packages to both Land Drilling and Offshore Drilling. Product standardisation has helped Oiltech to enter into a number of local manufacturing agreements so that the same product can be built in Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Middle East, Singapore, India and China. This assures our clients best product support, and minimises shipping cost.


In order to assist our potential clients in selection of package we have standardised the RMP’s (Rig Mechanisation Packages) into 6 packages to suit the activity (for example workover, drilling, etc), the capacity of rig, range of tubulars, and the physical aspects (for example heights of Drill Floor). We have 4 standard Upper Arms, 2 Standard Lower Arms, 4 standard Catwalk machines, and a host of ancillary products to maintain the ‘hands-free’ philosophy.
All of these packages can be used in mechanised mode and the Racking systems can be upgraded to defined automation mode.

RMP 100 and RMP 200 are lightweight packages generally used in workover activities where simplicity and speed are key. RMP 100 is the base mechanised package, whereas RMP 200 is the same products but with hydraulic bins and lift off units included which may reduce the dependency on fork lifts and mobile cranes.

RMP 300 and RMP 400 are medium duty unit for a Drilling Rig capable of racking stands of Drill Pipe and Drill Collar, and that the Catwalk Machine is capable of delivering 20” casing to the Drillfloor. The system also includes mechanised Tailing of tubulars from removal from Catwalk Machine to vertical position at CW. RMP 300 and RMP 400 utilise the free standing Catwalk Machine which is very robust and proven with minimal moving parts. RMP 300 is used with loading from tripods, whereas RMP 400 utilises Hydraulic Pipe Bins, therefore making the system less dependant upon forklifts or mobile cranes.

RMP 500 and RMP 600 are heavy duty units for a Drilling Rig capable of racking stands of Drill pipe and Drill Collar and a Catwalk capable of delivering 20” casing. The RMP 500 and RMP 600 can be used with bigger rigs and specifically with higher Drill floors, where it becomes essential to keep the shallow angle of tubular presentation into the Drill floor. Because of the heights of the Catwalk Machine delivery it becomes essential to stabilise the Catwalk to the ramp and to the Drillfloor, and to have the additional rear link. RMP 500 is loaded for side loaders/stabilisers, whereas RMP 600 utilises Hydraulic Pipe bins, making the system less dependant upon fork lifts or mobile cranes.

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