Almost 40 years designing and supplying Rig Mechanisation Packages...hands-free from ground to well.

OilTech Group Limited is a private English Company registered in May 1987. OilTech’s owners have been supplying have been designing and supplying Rig Mechanisation Packages to the Oilfield since 1980. Safety has always been at the forefront of Oiltech’s philosophy, believing that the safest solutions are keeping personnel away from dangerous tasks and, if the task cannot be eradicated then it should be mechanised. OilTech has focused on mechanical handling equipment and have a standard range of Racking Systems, Catwalk Machines and Stand Building systems to enable us to provide the most cost-effective solution to every application. Product support is also very important and Oiltech have alliance partners in all the key operational sectors, USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Europe, North Africa, UAE, India, China, South Korea, and Singapore. OilTech’s products are also manufactured under licence in most of those markets.

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